Taking Care of Tooth Implants at Home

  • Valuable Tips For Getting New Dentures

    2 January 2015

    People who wear dentures typically experience better comfort when they are eating and talking. Whether a result of age or degradation of your natural teeth, getting a set of dentures might be in your best interest. If this is what you are looking for, or if you have questions, you will need to be sure that you reach out to a licensed and insured denturist in your area who can let you know what to expect.

  • Are Your Brushing Habits So Diligent That You're Actually Damaging Your Teeth And Gums?

    17 September 2014

    We've all heard that brushing your teeth thoroughly and regularly is a vital component of good oral health. You might think that the harder and longer you brush, the better. But did you know that you can actually be causing damage to your teeth and gums if you're over-brushing? A British study found that brushing teeth harder and faster doesn't remove any additional plaque, according to BBC News. In fact, brushing too vigorously can cause permanent damage, the study found.