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Reasons Why Dentures Can Change Your Speech

by Randy Rodriguez

One of the biggest issues people have with dentures is how they can change your speech. It's true that they can interfere with speech, but do you know how your speech could change? More importantly, do you know why or what you can do to correct it? Once you know the truth about how dentures interfere with speech and what you can do about it, you will feel much more comfortable getting or wearing dentures.

Dentures Take Up More Space

Dentures can change the way that sound resonates in your mouth, changing the sound of your voice. This change is due to the size of the resonance chamber changing inside your mouth because dentures can take up more room than your teeth did.

The good news is, if your dentures are sized well and fit your mouth securely, you won't notice much of a difference in the resonance of your voice. It will sound about the same. If your dentures don't fit as they should and instead take up too much room in your mouth, you will have a hard time speaking and what does come out will have a very different resonance.

Dentures Are Loose

Have you ever heard someone complain because their dentures are "clicking"? Or maybe you are noticing it with your new dentures? If you notice a clicking sound, it's because your dentures are slipping while you talk. Additionally, your tongue spends more effort trying to hold your dentures in and isn't able to devote its energy to speech.

If you notice either one of these signs, your dentures are loose. Using the proper adhesive may fix the problem, but if your dentures don't fit well, you need them sized again for your mouth.

Dentures Aren't the Right Height

This sounds a little strange, but your dentures can be too short or too tall for your mouth. If they aren't the right height, your dentures keep your tongue positioned wrong and can make it hard to properly pronounce all of the different sounds of speech.

Sometimes, they are the correct size and you have to get used to them and adapt to the new feeling in your mouth. Otherwise, they are actually the wrong size. How can you tell the difference? If you are having a hard time adapting, if the teeth are coming together sooner than they should, if your jaws are sore after eating, or your teeth close together too hard, your dentures could be the wrong size.

These are a few problems with dentures that can change your speech. If you notice, these problems can usually be solved with denture services, which you can accomplish by working closely with a well-qualified denturist to make sure your dentures fit perfectly.